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We manufacture a large platform of axles for mining and industrial applications. Most of these axles have wet brake and planetary reduction capabilities. From our small electric driven axle platform to the largest unit we make, the GT-85 HD. Our axles are a driving force world wide. Our axles have proven themselves in the coal mines of the Appalachians, the potash mines in Canada, and the gold mines of Australia. We are constantly improving on our products to meet these demanding conditions. And as always, all of our axles and components are manufactured in the U.S.A. for the best quality possible.


Our custom mining axles are made to withstand the most brutal environments from the coal mines of the Appalachians to the potash mines of Canada to the gold mines of Australia.

Parts & Components

A durable custom axle is only as good as its individual components. We custom manufacture all of our components to fit all of your mining needs.

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